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What stainless steel seamless pipes are used in cars?

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What stainless steel seamless pipes are used in cars? Next, New Gap Metal will introduce the characteristics of various stainless steel seamless pipes used in automobiles.

Characteristics of ferritic stainless steel plate: The crystal structure is body centered cubic at high and low temperatures, and the matrix structure is ferrite. The comprehensive corrosion resistance is not as good as austenitic stainless steel, but the resistance to stress corrosion cracking is better than austenitic stainless steel. It has strong magnetism at room temperature and cannot harden during heat treatment, with excellent cold working performance. The cost is much lower than austenitic stainless steel. Representative grades and applications: 409L, 430, 436, 436L, 441. Hot rolled plate: parts such as exhaust system brackets. Cold rolled sheet: Components such as automotive exhaust systems, gaskets, gaskets, brackets, and plate heat exchangers.

Characteristics of austenitic stainless steel plate: At high and low temperatures, the crystal structure is face centered cubic, and the matrix structure is austenite. Excellent corrosion resistance, mechanical properties cannot be changed through heat treatment methods, and can only be strengthened through cold deformation. Non magnetic, good low-temperature performance, formability, and excellent weldability. High cost. Hot rolled plate: flanges, gaskets, brackets, frames, and components with high requirements for corrosion resistance at grain boundaries. Cold rolled sheet: automotive fuel tanks, exhaust systems, and gaskets, gaskets, sealing gaskets, sealing rings, wipers and other components with corrosion resistance requirements. There is also a type of martensitic stainless steel plate that is less commonly used in domestic automobiles.

Features: Austenite at high temperatures, with a face centered cubic crystal structure; At room temperature and low temperature, it is martensite with a crystal structure of body centered cubic. The corrosion resistance is average, but it has high strength and is suitable for high-strength structural components. It is strengthened through cold deformation. It has magnetism at room temperature. Representative brand and application: 410, 420. Hot rolled plate: commonly used for automotive brake pads, frame parts with corrosion resistance requirements, and modular frames. Cold rolled sheet: commonly used for support parts with corrosion resistance and high strength requirements.

Post time: Sep-22-2023