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The difference between free cutting steel 1215 and 11SMn30 steel


Free cutting steel refers to alloy steel that adds a certain amount of one or more free cutting elements such as sulfur, phosphorus, lead, calcium, selenium, tellurium, etc. to improve its machinability. With the automation, high-speed and precision of cutting, it is very important to require steel to have good machinability, which is mainly used for processing on automatic cutting machines. The following focuses on the differences between 1215 free cutting steel and 11SMn30 free cutting steel.

1215 Free Cutting Steel

1215 is a type of easy cutting steel in the American ASTM/AISIBI standard series. 1215 free cutting steel is an environmentally friendly material that does not contain lead or harmful substances to the environment. It has good cutting properties and is suitable for general electroplating shafts, cutting materials, and general parts.

chemical composition

C: ≤ 0.09, Mn: 0.75-1.05, SI: ≤ 0.10, P: 0.04-0.09, S: 026-0.35, Pb: -,

mechanical property

tensile strength σ B (MPa): ≥ 42, yield strength σ S (MPa): -, elongation δ 5 (%): ≥ 22, cross-sectional shrinkage rate ψ  (%): ≥ 34, hardness: ≤ 160HB

Applicable scope

1215 free cutting steel is mainly used in the production of instruments, watch parts, automobiles, machine tools, and various other machines with strict requirements for size and smoothness due to low stress. It has strict requirements for size accuracy and smoothness, but relatively low requirements for mechanical properties, such as gears, shafts, bolts, valves, bushings, pins, pipe joints, spring seat cushions and machine tool screws, plastic forming molds Surgical and dental procedures, etc.

11SMn30 free cutting steel

11SMn30 (1.0715) is a German standard free cutting steel grade, which belongs to sulfur phosphorus composite high sulfur, low silicon free cutting structural steel

chemical composition

Carbon C: ≤ 0.14, silicon Si: ≤ 0.05, manganese Mn: 0.90-1.30, sulfur S: 0.27-0.33, L: ≤ 0.11,

mechanical property

Tensile strength σ B (MPa):

(Hot rolled) 390-540;

When the thickness or diameter of cold drawn steel is 8-20: 530-755 20-30 hours: 510-735;> 30:00: 490-685,

Elongation rate δ 5%:

(Hot rolled) ≥ 22; (Cold rolled) ≥ 7.0 reduction in area ψ  (%): (Hot rolled) ≥ 36,


(Hot rolled) ≤ 170HB; (Cold drawn) 152-217HB,

Applicable scope

11SMn30 (1.0715) free cutting steel is commonly used in the manufacture of unimportant standard parts, such as bolts, nuts, pipe joints, spring seats, etc.

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