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DIN1629 ST37 ST44 ST52 Steel Pipe

Name: DIN1629 ST37 ST44 ST52 Seamless Steel Pipe

Standard: DIN1629/EN10216-1

Type: Cold rolled/cold drawn/hot rolled

Grade:  ST37  ST44 ST52

Size:  OD4mm-610mm


Condition: BK/NBK/GBK/As Rolled etc.

Mill Test Certificate:  EN10204 3.1

Processing: Bending/ Cutting/Flattening/Flaring

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DIN1629 is a technical standard for the production, manufacturing, and delivery of German standard seamless steel pipes. The standard specifies the type of seamless steel pipe, manufacturing method, chemical composition and mechanical properties of steel grade, process performance, Surface states, dimensional tolerance and air tightness inspection. The inspection method, process, inspection documents, and marking requirements for the finished product were explained.
DIN1629 Special requirements seamless annular non alloy steel pipes include ST37, ST44, and ST52 steel grade. According to the standard, the products are mainly divided into hot rolled and cold drawn. DIN1629 seamless steel pipe is mainly used in chemical equipment and transmission


 Standard DIN 1629
Grade ST37 ST44 ST52
Delivery Condition NBK(+N) BK(+C) GBK(+A) BKW(+LC) BKS(+SR)  AS Rolled
Size OD:4 to 610mm

Thickness: 0.5-20mm,

Length:  3m,5.8,6 or according to requirements

Finish 1.Bare Tube (No coating): Bright and smooth

2.Galvanized surface (Sliver/Yellow/Colorful) Zinc coating of 8-12um

3.Black phosphate

 Application Hydraulic System; Car/bus; construction vehicle/ Mechanical
 Delivery time A.3 days if this good is stock goods.

B. About 30 days according to the quantity

Different Standards Pipe Could be customized



Steel Grades Size Range


2391 ST35/45/52 OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm
  1629 ST37/44/52 OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm
  1630 ST37.4/44.4/52.4 OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm
  2445 ST35/ST52/ST37.4//52.4 OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm
  73000 ST 35 / 45 / 52/ 37.4 / 44.4 /52.4 OD3 - 30mm × ID 1 - 12.5 mm


8162 10/20/16Mn/35/45/30CrMo/ OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm
  8163 10/20/16Mn/35/45/30CrMo OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm
  3639 10/20/16Mn/35/45/30CrMo OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm
  3093 10/20/16Mn/35/45/30CrMo OD3 - 30mm × ID 1 - 12.5 mm


10305-1 E215/235/255/355 OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm
  10305-4 E215/235/255/355 OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm


A822-A450 A822 OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm
  A179-A450 A179 OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm
  A519 1010/1015/1025/1030/1045/

4130 /4140/etc

OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm


J524 Low carbon steel OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm
  J529 Low carbon steel OD3 - 30mm × ID 1 - 12.5 mm


G3445 STKM11A/12A/12B/12C/13A/13B OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm
  G3455 STS35/38/42/49 OD3 - 30mm × ID 1 - 12.5 mm


8535 ST 35 / 45 / 52/ 37.4 / 44.4 /52.4 OD3 - 30mm × ID 1 - 12.5 mm


A49-310 TU37b/TU52b OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm


3602 CFS 360 OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm
  6323(-4) CFS2/CFS3/CFS4/CFS5 OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm


A269 304,304L, 316, 316L OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm


10216-5 1.4401, 1.4404 OD4 - 219mm × WT0.3 -20mm



Automotive fields
A. Fuel injection lines/nozzles
B. CNG (Compressed Nature Gas) tube-- Burst pressure: 1307Bar, Working Pressure: around 350bar
C. Drive transmission: Steering column elements
D. Gear shafts, hand brake, front axles, airbag inhalators, stabilizers, seat fasteners, front-wheel drive shafts
2. Hydraulic Fields
A. Hydraulic circuits (HPL), pneumatic lines, and hydraulic suspension
B. Hydraulic cylinders (HPZ)

Quality assurance

1. Strict according to DIN2391/EN10305 or other standard.
2. Sample: Sample is free for test.
3. Tests: Salt spray test/Tensile test / Eddy current / Chemical composition test according to customers' request
4.Certificate: IATF16949, ISO9001, SGS etc.
5.EN 10204 3.1 Certification


1-Strengthen the inspection of products in each production stage
2-Equipped with complete testing equipment: non-destructive eddy current testing, high pressure resistance testing machine, universal mechanical tensile testing machine, bending flattening flares testing machine, cleanliness analyzer, metal element analyzer.
3-Meet the mechanical properties of products, process performance test, provide a powerful guarantee for qualified products .

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