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SAE8620H Steel Round Bar /GB 20CrNiMo Steel bar

SAE8620 steel round bar is an alloy steel. The execution standard is ASTM A29/A29M-04. Equivalent to 20CrNiMo in China, it is a Cr-Ni-Mo series surface hardening steel widely used for carburization and carbon nitrogen co carburization.

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8620 alloy steel is composed of (in descending order of percentage) iron, carbon, silicon, molybdenum, manganese, nickel, chromium, sulphur and phosphorus. These ingredient elements must be within certain weight percentages to create the 8620 alloy. It is recommended that the steel be hardened by carburization followed by an oil, as opposed to water, quench. It has a fairly average density for steel alloys at .28 lb. per square inch, although its tensile strength — the amount of weight that it can hold before breaking — is low, at 536.4 Mpa. The average tensile strength of steel alloys is 758 to 1882 Mpa.
When the 8620 alloy is properly carburized — heated to a set temperature and then exposed to an agent containing carbon, a process which adds an extra layer of carbon to the outside of the steel, thereby making it stronger — it is used to make such machine parts as gears, crankshafts, and gear rings. Carburized 8620 alloy is strong and durable, which is why it is preferred for these parts.

Chemical composition

Carbon C  0.17~0.23
Silicon Si  0.15~0.35
Manganese Mn  0.65~0.95
Sulfur S  ≤ 0.025
Phosphorus P  ≤ 0.025
Chromium Cr  0.35~0.65
Nickel  0.35-0.65
Copper Cu  ≤ 0.025
Molybdenum Mo  0.15-0.25

Mechanical properties

tensile strength σ b (MPa)  ≥980(100)
yield strength σ s (MPa)  ≥785(80)
elongation δ 5 (%)  ≥9
Reduction of area ψ (%)  ≥40
Impact energy Akv (J)  ≥ 47
Impact toughness value α kv (J/cm2)  ≥59(6)
Hardness  ≤ 197HB
Process  EAF+LF+VOD+Forged+Heat Treatment(optional)
Round  10mm to 360mm
SURFACE FINISHES Black, Peeled (K12), Cold Drawn, Turned & Polished (H10, H11), Precision Ground (H9, H8)

Heat Treatment

Hot working  850-1150oC
Case hardening  Double hardeningoC
Carburising  900-950oC
Soft annealing  650-700oC
Surface hardening  800-930oC
Tempering  150-210oC
Ultrasonic test  According to SEP 1921-84

Certificate of Quality: issued in English, in addition the normal terms, production process, the mechanical property (yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and hardness), forged ratio, UT test result, Grain size, heat treatment methods and the sample of is shown on the Certificate of Quality.

Marking: Heat No. will be cold stamped and Steel grade, diameter (mm), length (mm), and the manufacturer LOGO and weight (kg) is painted

Equal Standards

86208620H SNCM220 1.6523 1.6523 1.6523 ------ 20CrNiMo

SAE8620H Steel Bar Application

Commonly used for manufacturing important parts with high strength and good plasticity, and for manufacturing important parts with special functional requirements after nitriding treatment:

Heavy-duty arbors, bushings, Cam Followers, wear pins, bearings, sprockets, gears and shafts, Clutch Dogs, Compressor Bolts, Extractors, Fan Shafts, Heavy Duty Gears, Pump Shafts, Sprockets, Tappets, Wear Pins, Wire Guides etc.. Or can be used for high tensile applications uncarburised but through hardened and tempered. It is used extensively by all industry sectors for components and shafts requiring high surface wear resistance, high core strength and impact properties.


1.By bundles, each bundle weight under 3 tons, for small outer diameter round bar, each bundle with 4 - 8 steel strips.

2.20 feet container contains dimension, length under 6000mm

3.40 feet container contains dimension, length under 12000mm

4.By bulk vessel, Freight charge is low by bulk cargo, and large heavy sizes can not be loaded into containers can shipping by bulk cargo

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Quality assurance

1. Strict according to Requirements
2.  Sample: Sample is available.
3. Tests: Salt spray test/Tensile test / Eddy current / Chemical composition test according to customers' request
4. Certificate: IATF16949, ISO9001, SGS etc.
5.  EN 10204 3.1 Certification

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